What we are the best at?
Workout hřiště


Workout hřiště


Workout hřiště


Workout hřiště

Parks for kids

Workout hřiště

Free opening

Workout hřiště

Why we are
the best?

Workout hřiště
Workout hřištěWorkout hřiště

Introducing our new cutting-edge fitness park series


Effortless construction, turnkey solution Workout parks

Expert Consultation – Project Tailored to Your Needs
Vivid Visualizations - Clear Vision of Your Dream Park
Certified Documentation - Meeting All Safety Standards
Solid Foundation - Durable Concrete Structures
Impact-Resistant Flooring - Stylish Tartan Design
Street Workout Park - Grand Opening Exhibition
Workout hřiště

We are czech company

worldwide export

from the czech paradise through
norwegian fjords up to
australian beaches

More than 600 successful realisation in CZ and worldwide

Workout hřištěWorkout hřištěWorkout hřiště

Individual approach

A standard park is not always suitable,
that's why we like to accept challenges and look for
new paths.
Look at our designs
in non-standard shapes
which we supply for cities
and project offices
including a technical description for free

more info
Workout hřiště

opening exhibitions
with professional athletes

Workout hřiště

Gallery of our parks

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